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Artificial Intelligence threatens most jobs

I learned about machine learning "artificial intelligence" recently. The titans of the internet today google, apple, Microsoft, and ...

Hosting like the big boys…on the cheap!

Amazon is out to own the web hosting space with its new lightsail space. Lightsail offers a setup ...

Timed Delay callback function

$(document).ready(function() { window.setTimeout(function() { // do something }, 1000); });

Want to remove a certain word(s)?

$(document).ready(function() { var el = $('#id'); el.html(el.html().replace(/word/ig, "")); });

How to make sure your hard drives are healthy on windows

Use Smart on windows. Open command prompt. > wmic wmic:root\cli> diskdrive get status Hopefully youll see Status OK

The devastating impact of manufacturing fertilzers

Here is a video I stiched together, that shows the process of manufacturing fertilizer (borrowed from fetrilizer company) ...

Sustainability another important term, being threatened by marketing

The word sustainability Im finding is being poisoned and taken advantage of by marketing and advertising departments. Much ...

What I can determine about you from your browser alone

Our browsers send off quite a bit of information about us now. Using the fingerprintJS library I was ...

Close Window

A close window function is useful when you use a pop-up window on your page, as it allows ...