Born and raised in Orange County, California, I am a highly ambitious individual who enjoys accomplishing lofty goals. As a young adult, I co-founded an award-winning car club, Zentraedi Racing. I began my professional career selling cars for Honda and then worked my way up to the nations top selling BMW dealer in the nation. At Crevier BMW, I was recognized as sales leader of the month, and honored at BMW North America with charters for nationwide top sales leaders.

Looking for a new challenge after achieving my goals in the auto industry, I ventured into the mortgage industry. I eventually founded and became CEO of Eminent Funding Mortgage Corporation, taking the company from operating as a real estate mortgage brokerage to a mortgage banking lender.

During my tenure at Eminent Funding, I patented and assembled a team of engineers to develop "OneStopRefi", an automated loan refinancing system that utilized web services to interface with multiple entities to complete the loan process. The application had wide support from fortune 500 companies, such as Washington Mutual and DataQuicks as well as had the support of many partnering companies.

Unfortunately, Eminent Funding eventually succumbed to the Mortgage Industry Meltdown, which was one of the most humbling times in my life. During that crossroads in my life, I realized the impact the internet had on my previous ventures, which inspired me to teach myself to learn how to program. Since then, I have led projects for Contest Central, Native West, Assembly Alliance, spent a year as a Technologies Officer for Universal Development Group, a Newport Beach venture capital firm, and freelanced for marketing companies such as Eyemotive, Rhythm Interactive, and Mixedtapeco.

I am passionate about technology and have dabbled in many things from 3D printing, electrical engineering, to machine learning. I recently built my dream motorcycle from salvaged parts. An avid cyclist, I bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco with my bicycle, and pedaled 500+ miles back home to Orange County thru Big Sur.

Currently, I am dedicated to my role as Chief Technologies Officer at Navenu Inc and take on the occasional freelance projects.

  • BMW

    2004 Charter BMW North America

  • Crevier BMW

    Top Salesman January 2005

  • Honda

    Top Salesman Norm Reeves Honda HB

  • Eminent Funding

    Founded in 2002

  • Crevier BMW

    People Choice Award December 2004