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Yellow Vest Battle Continues

Every Saturday morning I like to check and see what’s going on in Frances yellow vest movement via live stream..there’s a battle taking place

Black Fly Aircraft coming in 2019

Possible game changer in personal aviation This aircraft will be available for sale this year.  Here’s why I think this aircraft stands out and could possible be a game changer for personal aviation -Affordable (Cost of an SUV) -No Pilots license required (Ultra Light Class) -Vertical Take off and Landing -Propiertary Engine, designed fail proof…

Could bitcoin see an overnight surge?

  The Yellow Vest for “act 9”  in France are planning a massive “run on there bank” Saturday. Bitcoin has been hovering around $3k   after topping out at $19,700 earlier this year.  I’m not an economist, but when the bank run occurs on Saturday, I believe bitcoin could see an overnight surge, as the people…

My personal voice activated security system and more

Using machine learning/ artificial intelligence we control a security system thru voice commands, I also show you how i control my security camera using my voice as well as search youtube, google, and stream radio channels

OnPoint MMJ Management Application

OnPoint is the biggest project I ever developed. Now open source to the public. For video and pictures go here Check out the code in my bitbucket


In this case study we bring our internet skills to traditional telecommunications, in a project we dubbed the RoboBouncer. RoboBouncer is a bot that screens your phone voice phone calls by asking for the user to speak there name, it then calls you plays the recording and provides you with an option to accept or…

Controlled Prescription Medication Device

For the past few years my partner (Mark Harrington) along with the contribution from Vision Miner (Robert Lent and Patrick Smith) for the 3D Printer and Geared For Speed (Lenny Detaranto) for his genius. Have been working on an inexpensive solution to secure medication access, a device that only allows access to medication every 24…

Analyzing journalism today

Original Article Posted on Is it just me, or is the authors hatred  expressed in this article greatly concerning.   This seems to be a common pattern I see in publishing these days generally from the anti-trump crowds on both sides of the political divide.   Letter: Fox News is the real “fake news” By Joan…

Get $10 Google AIY Version 1 working

So I bought this $10 Google Assistant from Amazon Prime.  Only to find out it doesnt work as easily as advertised.   It comes with a modified Raspian distro.  Here are the latest steps I did to get mine to work.  I spent a half a day muddling through commands,  so im not sure if previous…

Syncing a lot of data from a directory to Amazon S3 Cloud

In an attempt to upload a directory 40+ Gigabytes worth of files on t0 Amazons S3. Typically I use the AWS Console, but I ran into issues, I believe my browser was timing out.  I tried a couple downloading and installing third party applications, the only success I got from that was possibly inheriting additional…