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Analyzing journalism today

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Is it just me, or is the authors hatred  expressed in this article greatly concerning.   This seems to be a common pattern I see in publishing these days generally from the anti-trump crowds on both sides of the political divide.


Letter: Fox News is the real “fake news”

Every morning and evening I watch and read the news. And every day I am so very thankful to the news media for getting the truth out to the public. They investigate and report the truth.

However, there is one exception: Fox News. There is your “fake news,” and Trump relishes in it.


Cognitive Bias: This is favoring information that conforms to your existing beliefs and discounting evidence that does not conform. The author

Trump relishes in Fox news because it supports him, just like you support every other news outlet because they don’t support


Just lately, I was able to watch Fox News since I don’t have cable. I was shocked at their reporting such garbage.

Our Founding Fathers formed the greatest free democracy, which included freedom of speech. Trump is trying to erode that, among other rights, by lying and conniving every way he can. There is a great saying, “Behind smoke is fire.”

Trump admires a dictatorship. He would like to see our government that way. He admires Putin the way he governs.


If trump was really a dictator, you wouldn’t be able to perpetuate such baseless lies publicly against an individual you clearly know nothing about.  I hope you see this Joan Kieffer because maybe now you’ll know what it feels like to have a stranger publishing negative things about you, feels like.  Luckily for you, I will do so objectively off your own words, supported by legitimate references.

Our Founding Fathers fled from tyranny to form our beautiful nation.

Wake up, people. You want to live under communism?

 I hope the founding fathers wake up, and educate you on what communism really is.  If communism is your biggest fear, then you should be happy Republicans believe in small government, the left believes in big government.  Communism needs a large government presence.

Trump America is not a dictatorship. The sooner he’s out of office, the better.

Look up facism in the dictionary: authoritarian, militaristic system of government. Not America!

Please look up the definition of Communism too! So where is Trump leading us to fascism or communism? I’m not a political science major, but I’m pretty sure it cant be both:

Communism: International theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, with actual ownership ascribed to the community or state. Rejection of free markets and extreme distrust of Capitalism in any form.

Facism: An extremely nationalistic, authoritarian state usually led by one person at the head of one party. No democratic election of representatives. No free market. No individualism or individual glory. The State controls of the press and all other media.


Articles such as this are greatly concerning to me, there is no room for logical debate with these types of people, as they are driven entirely by emotions (strong hatred) , and its like a fast moving cancer that is infecting the public discourse, that will inevitably spawn into violence and civil unrest and possibly civil war.  Its a distraction, the real enemy is both republican and democrat, the true enemy to our country is the “deep state” and  lobbyist/corporations/banks.