New Bike….Still Pedaling….Will hit 10k for 2021

Still cycling, when i started I avoided hills at all cost, but that has changed.  I guess I was forced to, cause i moved on top of a very big hill.  It is amazing though how each hill gets a little easier and a lot less painful with each climb.  La Plata is like 3 big rolling hills here in San Clemente,  I didn’t even think La Plata was even possible for me, and after the first time, I vowed to never try it again, just from the pain and agony it caused me.  I have been the local legend (most ridden in 90 days) on strava for a while now, I  now ride La Plata a couple times a week, and enjoy it.  I am also proud of climbing to top of the world in Laguna Beach, probably one of the most challenging climbs around here.

I also picked up a few new bikes, hahaha. 2 Electric Mountain Bikes (HaiBikes) and my favorite a 2020 Trek Emonda SLR.

I am also fortunate and by pure luck came across an epic group of riders, and look forward to riding with them every Saturday, more correctly stated I try myu hardest to keep up with them. They have all been riding togther for a really long time, and they all ride as often and as passionately as i do, and I’m so fortunate that they are willing to let me tag along and teach me the ropes.  Like the rotating pacelines, which you rarely see groups of cyclist doing cause it requires everyone in the group to be of the same fitness level, I often refer to it as collaborative cycling.

Ive also driven out to check out some of the crits around CA. Ive pedaled pretty much all of SOuthern California coast.

Just under 14,000 miles since i started cycling just under a year and a half ago. Still love it, and will  continue to do so.




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