Virtual Reality Gaming Couldnt meet all the Hype

All the hype the past few years, yet it appears real VR (Not a Mobile phone strapped to your face) the technology was unable to break through to the masses, like Atari and Nintendo. I totally thought everyone would have one by now, I’m still waiting to come across one to play with.

According to Tech Crunch, Oculus has only sold a total of 85,000 DKI Developers Kit @ about $350 per unit. In case you forgot facebook paid a handsome $2 billion for the company. Opps? Who does the math on these wall street valuations?

Artificial Intelligence could hit the masses before VR Gaming. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that AI is already developing virtual games. I personally believe the technology to develop virtual games, isn’t there yet. Developing Virtual Games is too costly and consumers cant afford it, unless oculus finances the devices like cell phone companies do.

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