My background dealing with psorasis

According to “western medicine” my Psorasis was a heredity gift passed on to me by my mothers genes, throughout my life I have always had more skin issues then usual. In my teenage years I struggled with acne, and before I even knew what it was, psoriasis would appear on my elbows, when I was a teenger, ACcutane helped me with my acne issues, I also recall my doctor indicating that it was a gnarly medicine that should only be used for a short period.

At the time of writing this, my psorasis has been severe for about 2 years, about a year ago it started waging its attack on my face, and currently has covered 80% of it. My other affected areas are my stomach, scalp, pelvic region, and back.

My mom whom is older than me, does not show any signs of psoriasis on her, but I know it has progressed on her with age. My mom has been good about taking care of herself physically all her life, I, on the otherhand have not. I have never been good with practicing the art of restraint.

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