Lets end Fake News…Heres how…

Fake News in my opinion is Propaganda 2.0. Given the current advances in technology such as machine learning and cloud computing, fake news shouldn’t be as much of an issue as it currently is. Yet it feels like it would be easier to find a unicorn then it would be to name a reliable news source that the public can agree on. Fake News is perpetuated mainly for political and corporate purposes, so such a solution will only be made possible through grass roots in conjunction with computers rather than humans. I don’t have the budget of facebook but I can probably produce an application that will in time and through community contribution will be able to provide reliable factual news. This is something I may pursue in the future, so I cant publish further details but here are a few key features:

-Limited Context Machine Generated Content based upon curated news articles. Only publishing facts, and no room for personal opinions to “spin” any given topic
-Author Accountability. Index all curated articles to the associated author and provide a centralized access to the public to view all articles ever published online, and using machine learning and community collaboration to “grade” the author over time for accuracy of there publication.

For the non-technical person, such an algortihim is NOT nearly as complicated as what it takes to provide Google Search Results, in conjunction with collaborative community capabilities similar to YELP or Reddit. If i had a couple more capable developers and funding, I’d love to solve this problem and free humanity from the propaganda that plagues us all.

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