How your site is set up matters. Here’s a visual demonstration

Most website owners and marketing often overlook how a web server and its network is configured. The purpose of this article is to provide a “not-so” technical person with a brief side by side comparison of two sites, and how those settings are most likely effecting there search engine performance.

Both sites are basic “store-front” websites. Both are start-up companies. Just like a physical stores address, websites utilize IP addresses, so people are able to locate the website. In shared hosting multiple domains can share a single IP address. IP IP shares its IP with over a thousand other domains. Where as is the only domain associated with its IP address. If you were a search engine, which website seems more credible?
1,357 Other Domains 1 Domain

Sharing IP address with other domains, could also mean your domain could be penalized for the conduct of one of your neighboring domains.
7 SPAM Host

Blocked for Adult Content

Clean History

Here is how each company is pulling on search engines when using the company name.
Not Listed Top Position

Its important to note, pays less each month for hosting then does. This boils down to the capabilities of whomever set up your web server and your account type. Cloud Hosting has greatly reduced the cost of hosting for IT professionals, a developer with experience in setting up dedicated networks, could save money and gain you more traffic.

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