Proof of why we should all question drug companies

Its no secret that western medicine is one of the largest commercial industry in America today. Society puts a lot of truth and faith into the medical institutions, so when a company publishes something to the public, we trust that the advice is to benefit the sick rather than for profits.

Unfortunately these companies have chosen profits over people. In my research for natural treatments for myself and people I care about, I come across constant contradictions. Here is just one example, when I was researching Essiac Tea for people with Cancer.

Here is what is posted on the official medical research publications taken directly from the government domain in regard to Essiac Tea.

Please note for the record that the CDC has researched Essiac Tea and found “This study may help to explain the mechanisms behind the reported anti-cancer effects of Essiac.”

I know anyone can publish on wikipedia but check out what it states is beyond contradictory:

Not only do they say it does not work, but it scares people away from it.

Taken from the Cancer Institute in UK.

This to me is unacceptable, sick people trust and rely on the advice of these institutions, to clearly deny that any research has been conducted is A LIE! To blatantly deny the results of the study that could help someone so the institute can retain profit, should be a CRIME!

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