Interactive Features Demonstration

Below are some of the latest interactive techiques we can implement to help keep your end users engaged. Click on the image to interact with the live demonstration.

Smooth Image Popup
Smoothly enlarges image thumbnail, when end user hovers there mouse over
Animated Loading Icons
A sample of smooth imageless animated "Loading" icons
Modal Popup (Blurred)
Blurs the background, bringing focus to popup
Modal Effect
A modal is a popular web2.0 popup window, that dims the background as the popup appears
Parrallax Effect Demo Page
Dynamic Alignment of Multiple Elements based upon user view point
Advanced Navigation Menu
Elegant mobile friendly display navigation for sites with lots of content.
Video Background
Display a Video in the background of your page
Dyanmic form fields
Keep your forms simple, allow user to add fields only when they need it
Selectable List Items
A more appealing replacement to a forms checkbox's and radio button
Digital Signature
Allow your clients to digitally sign agreements