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This site will help you get to know me. If you'd like to see my portfolio or hire me for work please visit Newport Interactive.

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If your looking for my web development portfolio please go to Newport Interactive

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Yours Truly

Pictures of Me, when I get to escape from the internet; and yes ladies, I am single.

Going To Work

Good Times

At The Office

On a beach in Vietnam

In Vietnam


Working on My motorcycle

Annual Beer Pong Contest

My Passions

I am a passionate learner. Here are the topics that I can best help you with.

1. Web Development

Web Development is my area of expertise for the past decade. With Business Management and Development Exp I can understand both perspectives.

2. Holistic Living

Water Conservation and Drought Tolerant California Native Landscape. Microgreen Growing, Organic Foods, and raising public awareness.

3. Business Automation

I got into programming a decade ago because I naturally enjoy using technology to stream line business work-flow through automation.

4. Sales & Freelance Advice

I've been quite successful at sales, as well as training a sales team (Refer to accolades). I find the skills I learned in sales I utilize in my freelance business regularly.

5. Anything Computer

Networking, Everything Web-related, Computer Programming, if you don't have a graduate degree in computer science and/or a senior technical position, then I can help.

6. Business and Currency

I have always been passionate about Business & Economics. I am a supporter of raising public awareness the creation of a currency made by the people, and for the people.

My Strengths

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.


My Lifes Work

I love mastering skills. I am respectfully obsessed and humbled with every aspect of the process, from the bottom to the top.

My Education
1995 - 1999

1995 - 1999

Diploma - Aliso Niguel High School

In retrospect the only benefit of high school for me was the social aspect. At Aliso Niguel I founded Zentraedi Racing, a racing team that remained prominent at for many years after I graduated.

Work Experience
1999 - PRESENT

2005 - PRESENT

Lead Developer - Newport Interactive

Supporting hundreds of small to medium sized businesses in there web needs.

2014 - 2015

Technology Aquistions Officer - Universal Development Group

2011 - 2013

Lead Developer - Contest Central

2004 - 2005

Inventor/CEO - GotMyRates Inc


CEO/Founder - Eminent Funding Mortgage Corporation

2000 - 2002

Automobile Sales - Crevier BMW

2001 - 2002

Automobile Sales - Norm Reeves Honda HB

Proud Accomplishments

I'm addicted to mastering my passions, the euphoric high associated with that accomplishment, has been the fuel of my life's ambition.

Founded Zentraedi Racing Division

Award Winning Racing Team in the Orange County CA Import Racing Scene

Norm Reeves Honda HB Top Sales

November 2002

Crevier BMW Peoples Choice Award

Elected by staff for contributions

Crevier BMW Top Sales

November Top Unit Sales

2002 BMW North America Honors Award

Chartered Profiles in Achievement for National Top-tiered Sales.

Founded Eminent Funding Mortgage Corporation

Founder and CEO of my first company. Quickly grew from a mortgage brokerage into a mortgage lender with 25+ employees, setting an infastructure which included managers, wholesale agents, loan officers, processors, underwriters, and IT all inhouse.

Patented Automated Mortgage System

Endorsed by several fortune 500 companies such as washington mutual and dataquicks

Contact Me

Single ladies preferred, but not required.


its (at) nicknguyen (dot) com


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